4 SEO Red Flags to Look for in Your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools Data

This post was inspired by a customer who came to us for help with inbound marketing fresh off a website redesign by another web design company. During the course of receiving them found out and considering their website’s performance, we encountered a number of SEO warning flags.

This served like a reminder to me that a lot of web design companies focus only on made a site look pretty visually and sometimes ignore or overlook many of the basic SEO set-up and installation steps which are crucial to some website’s success.

Additionally served like a reminder that a lot of people might not have the ability to check for or identify these problems, so I made a decision that will put together a fast instructional post to assist you catch many of the problems that could have the most important impact in your website’s ranking ability.

Why Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools?

You will find a large number of different analytics tools available, and we have described plenty the strategies. I often am asked which tool is that the one you ought to use to manage your site. After which I laugh. Only one? No, no, no. The very first and the majority costly mistake you are able to make is assuming all analytics tools offer a similar information and you also only need to seem at one.

Would a construction worker have the ability to function if That They‘d to select only one tool? Imagine someone handing you a pile of lumber and also a hammer then asking one to build a house. It is not possible. You’d need an extended collection of other tools besides only a hammer to complete the task. Analytics could be checked out in much a similar way.

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Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are essential tools to possess with your arsenal. And, they‘re completely free, so It‘s type of a no-brainer. It is extremely easy to become overwhelmed from the sheer level of data you will get from each the strategies, though it‘s pretty simple to catch some glaring warning flags that can signal major problems.

To obtain started ensure you have found out both Google Analytics and Google Search Console in your site.

Identify Hacked Content

Google Search Console can quickly and easily assist you identify if your website has a clear security issue which can result in problems appearing searching results. Google will red flag websites that appear to possess hacked pages and bar them from appearing searching results. This is actually the equivalent of SEO suicide and can essentially stop almost all organic traffic to your internet site.

In Google Search Console, you will wish to navigate to Security Issues inside the left-hand navigation menu.

You‘ll see one among two messages here. Google will either inform you it does not see any issues or it might let you will know that It‘s detected hacked content. Google even offers helpful information on hacked sites if you undertake encounter an issue. You will likely need to obtain your web team involved ASAP to repair the problems.

Find Out if Bing is Having Trouble Crawling Your Website

This really is another huge SEO problem to avoid. If Google can’t properly crawl your website, it won’t know when you should display your pages searching results. So it won’t. Make life as easy as you can to the Googlebot and It‘ll return the favor.

To examine for crawl errors in Google Search Console, navigate to Crawl Crawl Errors inside the left-hand navigational menu.

googlesearchconsole_crawlerrors. pngThis page will list both site and URL errors that were encountered from the Googlebot during it is crawls of your respective website during the past 90 days. You would like your

These kinds of errors are an enormous deal and my indicate that your website is down or misconfigured in a roundabout way.

URL errors are not as detrimental, but they are still bad to possess. You will want to research and check out to remedy these issues also. Oftentimes, most of the URL errors you‘ll find could be fixed by giving Google by having an updated sitemap (which leads us handily into our next section ).

Check Your Sitemap

Google Search Console provides you a chance to tell Google exactly how it ought to view your website. Why would not you are taking benefit of this? Another no-brainer !

A sitemap is perfect for Google what Siri’s directions in Apple Maps is perfect for you. During this era, you couldn’t ask someone to seem at an atlas and discover a route without them laughing with your face. They’d simply plug the address to their phone and let Siri route and direct them to be able to their destination.

This really is exactly exactly what a sitemap does to the Googlebot. It lets you tell Google exactly how you would like your website viewed and crawled. So be sure to help it.

You can examine for sitemap errors in Google Search Console by navigating to Crawl Sitemaps.

googlesearchconsole_sitemaps. pngIf you observe any errors here, you would want to work along with your web team to re-submit an updated sitemap to Google (you are able to submit it right from a similar page ).

Identify Potential DNS Setting Issues

As I mentioned previously, Google Analytics can provide you with tons of data. The important subject to remember is you need always look into the data provided and check out to question yourself what that data means. During this example, there isn‘t any waving red flag that Google provides you wish our previous examples. This really is one where you need to dive straight into the data and discover something does not look right.

When reviewing referral data in Google Analytics, you are able to see the various sites that send visitors to yours via links. To view this data navigate to Acquisition All Traffic Channels inside the left-hand menu of Google Analytics.

Channels Analytics (1 ). png

Using this page, you need to be in a position to scroll down until you begin to see the table which breaks down visits by channel as shown inside the screenshot above. Now click Referral in which table to discover a listing of all referral sites.

You will want to seem through this collection of sites and produce sure your own personal website Isn‘t on possibilities. For instance if you‘re taking a look at analytics data for www. yourwebsite. com

Identify Tracking Issues with Other Analytics Tools

If you‘re like us, you‘re using more tools than simply Google Analytics. Our other tools are helpful for different reasons but there‘s still lots of overlap inside the items which are measured. So we often be sure to use our different tools as sanity checks for one another. This really is best explained through examples, so Let‘s look at two !

HubSpot and Google Analytics : These tools have very different uses but both do measure website visits by channel. Because each tool measures these items differently, they‘re going to never perfectly agree on variety however they ought to be inside the same ballpark. In case you notice visitor numbers are wildly different between the 2 tools, it might signal you have a problem with settings on perhaps one of the tools. At Quintain, we have used this tactic to recognize the following problems :

Incorrectly installed Google Analytics tracking codes
Incorrectly installed HubSpot tracking codes on website pages hosted outside of HubSpot
Issues with IP Filtering (both tools permit the filtering from traffic from IP addresses related to company employees or web developers so these details Isn‘t counted in visitor numbers )

HotJar and Google Analytics : HotJar is a superb tool that lets you learn how visitors interact along with your website. Perhaps one of the features offered is really a click heatmap which lets you know just how many users clicked on specific places on the page. Google Analytics also can provide you some specific click data on the per-page basis.

This could be found with the Google Analytics menu, but I actually prefer to make use of this Chrome Extension. In case you install that extension, you are able to simply navigate towards the page you would like to see click data for many items upon the page so long as you‘re logged in to Google Analytics and get access to the website you‘re taking a look at.

We have used this to recognize many of the same kinds of set-up and installation issues between the 2 tools.

Just as a new pet, your site needs lots of adore and care to thrive as well as grow. Unlike a brand new pet, your site has no method to communicate when it is not feeling well or needs some extra TLC. You would not obtain a whimper or perhaps a whine telling you to bring that pet towards the vet. What you‘ve instead are your analytics tools which could help alert one to disease or potential disaster. Ensure you purchase the ones which are available !

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