4 SEO trends for 2017

SEO is consistently changing, all of us understand that, but sometimes It‘s difficult to stay us as much as date regarding new techniques, new strategies, new concepts. If I‘ve learned something after many years working like a SEO consultant is being good at what you are doing and at the strategies can be as important as keeping your eyes open to don’t let yourself lost at the conclusion from the queue.

Therefore here We‘re, thinking aloud exactly what SEO has brought in 2012.

Analyze your CTR using Google Search Console

GSC is just one of SEO basic tools that all of us should have, it helps us to research the outcomes we can’t measure by our own, and from now on, It‘ll bring some light to our keyword strategy – we‘ll understand how so many have looked to the keywords We‘re using.

Google uses CTR (Click Through Ratio ) parameter to evaluate if our page is able to be shown on the very first page of results. If it‘s low, we may lose our position ; if it‘s high, we will certainly be pushed to the highest. Therefore the trend and new rule are extremely clear : use Google Search Console to measure what‘s the positioning of your respective keywords as well as what is exactly your CTR.

However, usually there are some handicaps you ought to all be aware : GSC just keeps your history for 90 days, and Http / https around desktop / mobile version should be checked separately.

SEO Mobile

Greater than 50% of searches made on Google are done through mobile phones, which 20% the strategies are voice searches. So, how can we adapt our content for this voice search? The reply is easy : if people ask, we should reply.

We need to change our content strategy, our keyword research, our method of thinking. Adapting the way in which we share our knowledge to become caught by Google as a possible answer.

However it doesn’t depend just on us, this will depend on Google too. The team is focusing on Latent Semantic Indexing, a method to understand what individuals are saying rather than focusing much on keywords. If Google figures out what you‘re asking for, It‘ll provide you with a more specific answer. So we need to work for this too, try to locate synonyms of your respective keywords. The greater options we give to Google, the foremost chances we need to be upon the podium.

Penguin 4. 0, now working 24 / 7

Folks, don’t be scared ! The new version of Penguin has arrived more powerful, more effective, more hours… But It‘ll just penalize a portion of your respective website if this finds something wrong. Moments when Penguin designed to punish your whole site are gone, now It‘ll just attack the specific sections inside an URL which have misbehaved.

However, the bug will certainly be awake 24 / 7 so please, be careful your links and check out to locate them inside a more natural way. Once we said, Google cares more quality than quantity as all of us should do.

Penguin is really a filter Google uses to capture sites which are spamming Google’s search engine results. Webspammers would use methods that don’t benefit the user, but makes their link show up higher inside the ranking. Penguin 4. 0 is the latest update to that filter. For additional info on how the work, take a look at

All of us quit reading when articles are too long and filled with useless words. Though it‘s also true that weve been creating plenty of content to spread our seeds all around the World Wide Web, and Google has noticed !

Quantity Isn‘t always synonymous with quality and that’s what Google wants from us – we need to write good articles in fewer words, we have to be more specific. At the conclusion, users want to stay the entire a crucial idea in a fast look and don’t spend a lot of time in reading something that may be summarized.

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