Essential: We can unleash Android’s power better than Google

Essential: We can unleash Android’s power better than Google – Essential is starting with some pretty bold claims. Considering Google is the steward from the Android within the last nine years, you’d assume that there is nobody better in a position to fully make use of the operating system. A minimum of consistent with Essential Products, you would be wrong.
with increased advanced hardware. Yes, he is saying that knowing full well that Google along with other hardware companies happen to be working in order to make the optimal mobile experience.

You are able to have a bold statement like that whenever your boss is Andy Rubin, the

the mobile world by simplifying things and (hopefully ) bridging multiple ecosystems together. Essential Phone is really a premium handset that emerges at any given time when individuals attempting to find the newest and greatest typically attend Apple or Samsung (or, increasingly, Google itself ). It is also an plan to build a bigger consumer electronics company with brand loyalty : Essential wants to start out with phones, as well as grow to lots of other activities, too.
Section of that unleashing includes Essential’s plans to provide product that improves as time passes via a growing family of accessories. The very first accessory, as an example, is really a 360 camera attachment. Think Motorola’s Mods to its Moto Z phone, which include battery packs and projectors. De Masi, however, prefers the notion of

He teased that the accessories will theoretically work upon the Essential Home, a hub having a digital assistant much like an Amazon Echo. He also said to expect more accessories every quarter or to ensure that can purchase the phone’s proprietary accessory port.

There are many billion-dollar tech giants working with their own walled garden, de Masi said. Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are companies working by themselves systems, which happen not to play nice with one another.

He wants Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa to labor well with Essential’s Ambient OS, but recognizes

not everyone would want to roll with us.

Essential Home, which should run the Ambient OS, still does not have a price or release date.

Here is what else I learned from speaking with de Masi.
Essential Phone is simply the start

The priority Now‘s phones, but Essential has a transparent plan that stretches as much as 3 years, de Masi said. At this time, it is about selling more phones and building up scale to drive an ecosystem of products.

The greater phones we sell, the greater attractive we become for third party developers

Wearables next?

De Masi hinted that wearable devices could possibly be in play. A wearable band could, as an example, work with Essential Phone. Technically, Essential’s accessories work on close range to talk about data wirelessly while connecting towards the phone to draw power, but de Masi says

suggesting a wearable-type device that may be clipped on and off temporarily.

Maybe that hints at where Essential’s going next : think

360 video is that the future

de Masi said of 360-degree video, which he believes will ultimately supersede VR because it could be viewed on the phone or perhaps a headset. He would not confirm any plans for any VR headset.

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