How to discover and replicate the best backlinks of your competitors

How to discover and replicate the best backlinks of your competitors – It could be really challenging to obtain backlinks that will put your website inside the top 10 of major search engines like google and yahoo. But it may be such a lot easier if you can peek behind the curtain in the pages that now rank at the highest 10 for the desired keyword and find out all of the backlinks that enable them to rank there ! And guess what? You are able to with Ahrefs !

Here’s how Ahrefs tend to make your link building work much-much easiler :

Step 1 : Find your competition

You have to know the highest ranking pages to the keyword you would like to rank for :

– type your keyword into Google seo ;
– look that is inside the top 3, top 5 or top 10, depending about how deep you would like to go along with your research.

Step 2 : Figure ourt that is linking to them

– paste the highest ranking page’s URL into Site Explorer tool (https : / / ahrefs. com / site-explorer ) ;
– navigate to the Referring Domains report and sort results from the DR (Domain Rating ) to list the higher-value domains at the highest from the report.

Step 3 : Replicate these backlinks

– you have to open the backlinks for every of the very most valuable referring domains ;
– look into the anchor text ;
– open the referring page ;
– look for the anchor text, so that you could see how the backlink was made ;
– take into consideration ways to get a similar kinds of the backlink using this same site (you are able to join the community and begin engaging and leave comments, write a guest post, reach over to the webmaster and request to become featured, or reach over to the author and request if she’d prefer to include your article when she writes relating to this topic again.

There aren‘t any rules here, so be creative ! Your job is to seem at how the competitors acquired backlinks and do what they’ve done.

The the fact is, backlinks are a challenge to get… so you‘ll need persistence ! There isn‘t any secret sauce : just use logic.

Replicate the strategies from the pages that happen to be inside the top 10 and stay after it. Remember : get started by the foremost powerful referring domains, because they’ll push you above low-quality sites !