The Amazing SEO Benefits of Discovering Your “Hidden Ranks”

Any website that’s had Master SEO work done has potentially hundreds or perhaps lots and lots of undiscovered hidden ranked keywords lurking inside the top 100 positions of major search engines like google and yahoo. Hidden ranks are perhaps one of the biggest SEO treasure troves that unfortunately are neglected by website owners and SEO experts, often because of low awareness from the subject. So, so exactly what do you are doing about this? Continue reading.
First Off, What Are These So-called “Hidden Ranks”?

Hidden ranks are essentially keywords which are ranking in a minimum of the highest 100 positions inside a internet search results for the website that you will be NOT mindful of. They‘re keywords you didn’t promote directly, but they might bring quality organic traffic.

Since they fly under your radar (because you aren‘t actively looking for them ), everything traffic potential goes unfulfilled. Truth be told, some of those low-ranked keywords can already account for some organic traffic trickling to your web, unbeknownst for you. It’s pure organic traffic that ought to be boosted and cultivated — traffic which you deserve and also have earned.
How Do Hidden Ranks Arrived at Be?

A number of you already know this, but this is really only a natural side effect and positive outcome of the typical organic ranking process of major search engines like google and yahoo. While you run an organic SEO campaign to promote your targeted keywords, other related keywords are positively influenced consequently, and that they also float upwards in google ranking algorithm stream and reach the highest 100 or perhaps top 50 shores.

Example : You directly promoted the keyword “cake decorations” for any local cake-decorating website in Denver, Colorado. With respect to the content strategy you used, a keyword for example “birthday cake decorations” could be positively influenced also and obtain ranked, though it wasn’t directly promoted.

Another facet of this phenomenon could be that the keywords you promoted directly for Google could reach the highest 10 ranking positions on desktop devices, and thus, these keywords might also rank top 50 for Google mobile, Google local ranks, as well as Yahoo ! and Bing. But again, since you aren‘t actively looking for hidden ranks, you may only concentrate on section of the picture.

Regrettably, this really is as much as these keywords will go in case you don’t start promoting them directly.

So, how will you discover them?

Well, there will be three ways : Either you begin arbitrarily and painstakingly looking for them manually on major search engines like google and yahoo yourself (this can be a fairly annoying task, since you don’t actually really know what to even look out for ), you are able to stumble upon them by sheer chance, or you should use Pro Rank Tracker’s designated Ranking Discovery Tool specially designed for that purpose !
What Is This Ranking Discovery Tool, and How Does It Work?

Rankings Discovery Keyword Suggestions

This tool comes FREE with PRT’s SERP tracker, and operating It‘s easy — any URL you track with PRT could be put straight into the tool, then any top 100 ranked keywords on record for the URL will certainly be revealed before you decide to, instantly. The tool, inside a way, reverse engineers the search process and can only become better as major search engines like google and yahoo evolve.

So exactly what do you are doing once you’ve discovered these keywords? Simple — promote them to be able to top 10 positions ! As these keywords happen to be inside the game, it is going to be easier than promoting them from scratch, and also the additional organic traffic your site will receive will certainly be well worth the extra effort.

A couple of more SEO-centered applications for this tool :

Bring value and insight to future clients. If you‘re meeting a possible client whose website already has some presence on major search engines like google and yahoo, utilize the tool to discover what keywords are ranked top 100 for the website. Demonstrate to them what keywords happen to be ranked and those can rank even higher.
Discover all the very best keywords for almost any niche. By checking the highest 10 leading websites of any niche using the tool, you are able to see what keywords are now being promoted in which niche the majority of all. This really is a wonderful way to research a niche and obtain high-quality keyword ideas for tackling almost any niche on the web successfully.
“Spy” on any website, and obtain the entire picture of whatever they rank for. A similar principle as above applies during this case : Input any URL straight into the tool, and find out all of the keywords on record that rank top 100 for the website. You should use it to research competitors or being an aid to building your base SEO strategy.

In fact, these are generally just some of the possibilities. All of the potential applications and strategies remain waiting to become discovered ! It’s all as much as you. Give this tool a spin, and find out for only yourself what keywords you are able to discover for just about any website.
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